I couldn’t find it – so I made it. Years ago I started mixing a variety of spices looking for a particular taste of heat and depth of flavor. After many, many combinations, T*Don’s spice was finally “born"! For the longest time, I told friends that I would market this as part of my retirement plan. Well, I’m retired and in partnership with my youngest son – that dream is finally becoming a reality.  

T*Don’s is a salt-free spice rub for baby back ribs – and everything else. Not that I have a problem with salt but if you don’t need it – why use it? This spice rub does not need salt! For that matter, there's no need for sugar, MSG or other preservatives. It’s all natural spices!

Storage & Handling

The potency should be fine for at least a year if you keep the container closed and away from heat or moisture – like in your pantry or cabinet away from the oven – it’s not afraid of the dark either.

A legitimate dry rub that holds the smoke and adds a unique cajun flavor. It works really well on pork and chicken but also tastes great on beef. That’s why I decided to carry it at my restaurant.
— Chef Ara Malekin, Harlem Road BBQ

Great on just about everything

To say it’s great on anything is a large statement – but true. I even use this on Tofu in a sauté of veggies. The more you shake T*Don’s on the protein, salad or whatever – the better and hotter the final dish becomes. We hope you enjoy and add a lot of Cajun flavor to your life! 

TDon's is giving back

A portion of all proceeds will be gifted to Max's Positive Vibe Café. Please check out this site for a great mission and gift to those who need a helping hand!



Contact us for special offers, bulk orders, or to carry our product in your restaurant or store. We have several chefs who are currently carrying our product on their menu and offering it for sale in their restaurant. Or, just let us know what you think about T-Don's Cajun Dry Rub! We'd love to hear from you!

Email us: info @ tdons.com

Special thanks to Debora Smail for the photography and Chef Ara Malekin as our bona fide stand-in.

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